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Indoor Corporate Entertainment


We have operated Corporate Archery for a number of years, but due to the changeable weather we feel that an indoor venue
being both a daytime and evening facility may be of interest
to your company


Option 1

Archery for 2 hours with 2 Instructors .

Robin Hood eat your heart out, with a bit of practice you can be good enough
to burst the balloon at 20 yards.
Option 2

Archery Crossbow or Air-Rifle for 2 hours with 2 Instructors. 


Crossbow we do not have William Tells son but
we do have a very accurate crossbow
Option 3

Archery Crossbow and Air-Rifle for 2 hours with 3 Instructors. 

Air-Rifle this calls for a steady hand and eye, can you hit a  " 8 target at 20yds and put up a good score.
Option 4
Archery Crossbow Air-Rifle and Air-Pistols for 2 hours with 
4 Instructors. 

Air-Pistol shoot from the hip ( if it was only that easy) this 
takes skill to hit the target.

Prices on request


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